Friday, September 22, 2006

Is Anybody Out There?

Well - it's been months (as our family keeps telling us) since we added to our blog.

Would you like to know why? Because my little sister has this tremendous blog that she updates practically hourly with these amazing pictures and pithy comments ... **sigh** and we know we can't complete ;-)

It's not as if we don't have anything interesting going on in our lives. Granted, our days are fairly routine (morning coffee, hang with the dog, go to work, home to workout, Gret goes to play rehearsal, Leon goes to meetings) but I guess we could be more inclined to keep you all abreast of our daily grind.

It's fall in Missouri - usually this means that Leon is coaching football, but not this fall. Instead, Gretchen has taken on the play at Lutheran High School. We are producing Barefoot in the Park, and it is a great experience to work with such a small cast. Makes things infinitely more manageable.

Leon is getting ready to leave Sunday for his annual trip with the LHS Senior class for their fall retreat; Mom will be along as a class chaperone - and Dad and I will be working to harvest Norton grapes out at the vineyard. I have been traveling like a crazy person these past few weeks and am finally home for a spell - this makes me happy and inclined to hunker down and really enjoy Fall - make pumpkin related foods, hearty soups, read great books - you know.

We'll see how that all goes ... hope life is happy and whole for all of you ...