Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Go On - Tell Me What You Really Think!

Today was productive; but ended on an annoying note as responses to a national survey we built started pouring into the office via email. Once again, I was reminded that - even though there is quite a line between critique and insult - many seem oblivious of the difference.

Why is it that, even when someone tells you that of which you are already aware (in the negative sense) it sounds so loud?

Developing opinions is part of life; and learning how best to express them is part of maturing. I think that finally, now in my "thirties", I am ever more comfortable expressing my own interpretation of things without angst. I think that in your twenties (at least from my perspective) - you're so focused on getting your thoughts out there onto the world tape that you speak as loudly and passionately as possible. Once you realize that, for the most part others are fairly open to listening (and that you perhaps don't have as much original content as you hoped) it's easier to relax and just be ... share ... communicate and reflect without such overwhelming intensity.

You save the intensity for those issues that really, truly, deeply move you.

You don't pour them out on random surveys asking benign questions about simple Web sites.

So that was the frustrating end to what was otherwise a famously productive day. People proved to be ... people.

And how do I answer this obnoxious demonstration of human nature - I am renewing myself this evening with a great glass of Merlot, a tivo-ed Frasier, take-out Chinese, and the opportunity to spew my feelings via a worldwide channel! What a world.

Onward & Upward ...

Monday, January 29, 2007

What Defines a Really Terrific Day ...

I am procrastinating.

Which is really rare for me; so there is a part of me that has this deep, psychological need to determine what is causing my avoidance issues ... BUT, I'll deal with that later.

For now - I am going to share what made today truly a stellar day among days. Those reading will quickly note that, clearly, it doesn't take "much" to bring happiness to the Jameson household.

First, we were up early. Really, really early. 5AM early. With the aroma of coffee (a delicious Sumatra blend from Starbucks, yum) already in the air. Beginning the day snuggled in with a cuppa java and CNN is just about the best start to the morning.
Work early - and even with dull meetings all afternoon - a lovely lunch with friends, work out in the afternoon, delicious supper from scratch consummed in the kitchen, with candles cozily glowing (where all meals are truly meant to be consumed) and even fresh apples and cheese for dessert ... and now, time for a glass of robust red vino and time to catch up on things like blogs, facebooks, personal emails, and digital life. What a day.

Does this make me boring? Or truly suburban? Or painfully simply? I don't know. But there is something totally relaxing about a totally jam-packed day that comes off on schedule. At a relaxed pace as opposed to a frenetic dash.
I just had to write it down; so that in the mayhem that will be this year I am reminded of what tranquility feels like ...
Onward & Upward+

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Year for Us ...

It's the New Year. I guess we don't often post to our blog because we don't have tons of photos or exciting elements to share ;-)

I can say that when the clock struck midnight, I took a deep breath and rather "plunged" into the year. It's the year of the Gathering (which sounds like some odd zodiac sign or something). In 2004, the Gathering consumed life. And while I have a feeling that the same will happen in 2007, my hope is that it doesn't consume "me" as much as it consumes my time.
[Gret in Norway - at the site of The Scream painting!]

As ever, we are looking forward to a new year. More than that, we are hopeful that this year will bring some serious changes to our family life. How many more Christmas letters will we have to write with the same topics - Gret: work, travel, directing, etc. and Leon: church, youth group, tennis, etc. We really hope that this is THE year for kids - we'll see!

I don't really know that anyone is reading this post ;-) But we pray God's blessings on you if you are. Enjoy your evening!