Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Improvement ~ Jameson Style

I am not handy.

Leon is handy.

Working together, we have started remodeling our "old office" and turning it into a brilliant baby space for Sydney! It's an adventure.

Here is the opening progress ...

I was inspired by photos in my Pottery Barn kids magazines, which means that I needed Leon to do more than paint (and for those of you who know us well, you know Leon brings new meaning to the idea of being fastidious). We decided to add wainscoting to two walls, add trim around the windows, upgrade the lighting and paint. Armed with visions of the room, we headed off for the local Home Depot to begin our work.

The paint department was no problem. Leon being expert at paint; he made sure we selected a satin finish kitchen and bath quality paint so that we can keep it all really clean ... I have a feeling Leon and clean and Sydney and clean may mean two different things ... but we shall see!

Then, we headed for the lumber department, where a Dad of one of Leon's youth works. He connected us with an expert and we were set to select wainscoting, trim, chair rails, filials (see ~ we now know what rosette filials are!) liquid nails, etc. etc. etc.

And of course, we needed a miter saw to accomplish all of this. Leon detoured to the tools and we took advantage of Labor Day sales and added a really manly, really cool big ol' saw to the cart. After a few hours, we headed home.

With great enthusiasm, we started projecting. Thankfully, Leon is more patient and prescribed than I am, and so our efforts really paid off. I am too eager and would just as soon slap it all together (and then would, of course, be super bummed because the end result didn't match the vision in my mind). Leon keeps us focused ~ almost painfully precise! I mean, he makes us wait DAYS for paint to dry before we add the second color, etc. ARGH! But worth it!

And, I got to work the saw! I felt totally like one of those cool chicks on Extreme Home MakeOver!

This weekend we are picking up the nursery furniture and adding the pink color to the walls. Yeah! Then, as MeeMaw (HAHAHA, MOM!) Staude shared this morning, the real fun starts as we pick out wall hangings and rugs and dress the room. Of course, I am not really allowed to hang those items either ... I have sort of a problem producing anything but extremely large holes in the wall when I try to wield a tool ... ah well!


CStaude said...

I'll be gramma, grammy, or even Nana... but MEE MAW sounds like something a donkey says when he's excited or irritated! So,be nice, or I'll teach Sydney tricks only a gramma could chuckle about... heh heh!!!!

KatHarrmann said...

Looks like fun you guys! Cool new power tools Leon! I of course, laughed and said "Any excuse for a man to buy a power tool!" while Nathan immediately defended you and said "But you would need it to do the room!!" Hee hee!! Awesome! And Gret, I'm impressed to see you using the saw. I can barely manage a power drill!

Barry & Carol said...

we love it all you two. We cannot wait to see the nursery in real life. You have created a beautiful room any little girl named Sydney Grace will love. Maybe dad and I could spend a night in the room well maybe it would not fit dads taste but for me it would be so perfect.Just kidding.
We are excited to travel this wonderful journey with you both.
Love you both, Mom and Dad J.