Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So ~ Exactly How BIG is big?

FIRST: We have a NEW Niece! Rhylah Sabrine ... Click here to see her!

We had a prenatal visit today ~ we are at 26 weeks and counting and things are going very, very well. Some of you know that after our appointment 4-weeks ago, I was a little nervous about my doctor's comment that "Oh, you are having a big baby ..."

She left us with the promise that we would talk more about that in the coming weeks.

Well. Here we are.

This appointment, she exclaimed (and I mean exclaimed), "Whew, we really are talking about a big baby!" Now ... I am a tall woman. Leon's no shrimp. So, we weren't anticipating some 6 pound little thing (I haven't been buying clothes in the newborn size, that's for sure.) But when I've only gained 19 pounds ... I didn't necessarily expect gynormous ... well, apparently the baby weight is all Sydney! Dad attributes it to the large, Staude roundhead.

(Family types know of what I speak ... Friend types - ever notice how large and round my Dad's head is? Take a gander! It's pretty cool. Now imagine giving birth to it ... wait ... that's just plain weird. Sorry! Just imagine a baby with a big round head ... wait ... that's weird to ... oh forget it! It's past dinner time and I am too hungry to be composing logical thoughts.)

Moving on ...

Dr. Kiesler is amazing! And she knows her stuff so she is sending us for a second ultrasound (which secretly thrilled us to pieces ... the other night we were talking about how we wish we could see our little girl once more and now we get to!) and then we will be discussing options ... due dates, etc.

THAT all being said. Many of you have been asking to see Syd ... er, my bump. So, given that today was such a fun day (and I do mean that! It was fun to learn more ...), we decided to truck out to the backyard and take a few snapshots of that exciting bump that is only going to get bigger and bigger and ... oh dear. Getting nervous again!

We took Bailey with us. He has been a little weird with Sydney stuff around the house. I, for one, am convinced he can hear her heartbeat. You know, how collie's can hear a human heartbeat under 3 feet of snow? Well. A Golden has to be able to hear a baby under a few inches of belly! And he definitely knows something special is up with the nursery. In fact, whenever we are in there talking and dreaming, he runs for his favorite stuffed cat and comes barreling into the room demanding some love of his own. We love our Bubba.

So here are some photos ... first is a photo that expresses how I feel about having my bump photographed! Just teasing!!

When we get those new ultrasound photos we will be sure to post those as well. Leon is already striking poses that he thinks Sydney will be adopting since she is going to be so much more "gestationally mature" (Leon is learning all the phrases) compared with 18 weeks. It really will be fun to see.

AND we'll let you all know if that January 19 due date changes! Maybe we'll have a Christmas baby after all ... and wouldn't THAT be a wonderful gift.

Oh! For those of you wondering where Leon is ... he didn't want to be photographed. His hair was a mess. Good grief ;-) Bump? Hair? Hmmmm.


The Kings said...

You look adorable!! Don't worry, big babies are fun!! ( Mine were 8 lbs 13 ounces, 10 lbs, and the twins were 14 lbs 5 oz. collectively..) You can do it!! Try it naturally and just remember one word in the back of your head: 'epidural'.. have fun!!

The Gauntlets said...

Hooray for pictures!!!! You look beautiful, as usual. :) :) :)

As for big, I'm not tall OR big and my babies all weigh around 9 lbs. and come early. They look like tiny little pieces of ham next to that pretty niece of yours, but I'm here to tell you that it wasn't a problem. I promise.

That, and my OB w/ Evelyn was wringing his hands about how huge she was going to be and oh lets induce and oh no and she was a shrimp compared to her brother. Don't sweat it, my dear. :)

Dawn G.

Barry & Carol said...

Gretchen you look beautiful as always.I am finding out more people have big baby's than I thought so you are not alone.I would love to say you look beautiful too Leon but Thats right you had a bad hair day So sorry.
Love you both.
This is fun Mom and DadJ

+gmjameson said...

Dawn! Yeah, you found us! I can't find you ... can you email me your blog? Woohoo!

And your babies are hardly pieces of ham, I about snorted my morning decaf right out my nose (pretty picture, let me tell you!)

We miss you!

Stuart said...

You look fine Gretchen, can't wait for my new niece. The day will come sooner then you think.

Love ya,


Brian & Erin said...

Yeah for new pics! You are a beautiful Mom, Gret! (Of course, who would have expected otherwise?) Enjoy that second ultrasound. Can't wait to see pics of baby Sydney! :)

Yeah for little ones (even the not so little ones...)!


CStaude said...

We LOVE babies... big ones, little ones, medium sized ones... Just remember... doctor's don't know EVERYTHING (and most of them think ANYTHING over 7 lbs. is HUGE.. )and you'll be fine
Love Mom & Dad
PS - We're THRILLED to see the JAMESONS on here!!! YAY!