Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Stroll.

Tonight, walking along the quaint quiet of historic Main Street in my hometown, with Sydney cooing, gurgling, and laughing and the late summer nighttime sounds serenading us – I was so incredibly, totally, and unabashedly happy that I could feel that amazing buoyancy that comes from deep within. It’s the kind of emotion that absolutely cannot be planned, recreated, or fully expressed; and always seems to overtake me when I am least expecting it – which makes me treasure the momentary surge all the more.

Said simply, it is a feeling of complete.

Picasso’s coffee in hand. The smells of delicious concoctions from the sweet shop tempting us; we strolled along unhurried and unburdened. Being greeted by name as we wandered past our long-time salon created that comfortable, casual sense of being among your own. Joining Papa and Grandma for a glass of wine at their familiar, favorite family-owned Italian restaurant was effortless and meaningful all at the same time. And hearing Gershwin’s Concerto in F on the radio coming through an open apartment window; well, that just added a certain sense of class to the entire stroll along the street.

All of it combined to blend a perfect chord.

And I just can’t express how solid, eloquent, and necessary it all felt to this rookie, uncertain Mom, new employee, slightly overtired spouse, and almost-middle-aged woman.

We all need moments of melodic margin in our lives, and tonight was that necessary, normal, unsolicited space I needed.


alaina said...

"almost middle aged"! You sound like Sally (of When Harry Met Sally):
S: (sobbing) and I'm going to be forty soon!
H: In EIGHT years!


CStaude said...

You said it so well... it was a perfect evening. Dad and I walked along the river and bit of Main after we finished dinner.... a good evening it was!

Katrina said...

Aww, sounds so nice! I had a similar moment of zen while canning peaches today. Standing in my kitchen with the sunlight and cool breeze streaming in, with the pleasant hiss of the water bath canner bubbling away -- I was perfectly happy right in the pit of my tummy! I LOVE those moments, don't you? Miss you!! Did you get my phone message the other night?