Friday, February 17, 2006

Baptism Birthdays and Friday Afternoons

Baptism Birthdays & Friday Afternoons

Leon & I love our nephews! Gabriel Arthur & Asher Edmund Harrmann are two of our most favorite people on the planet.

Always full of energy (even the picture makes him appear to be ready to leap, run, and giggle!) Gabriel celebrates his baptism birthday today. He is four. And Leon & I are his godparents.

It is exciting to be moving toward an age with Gabe when we can really start to see the Spirit taking hold of his heart. And we are thankful for his loving parents, who guide & nurture him in Jesus.

It's a Friday afternoon - and as Leon & I sit and chat about how best to spend our evening (do we: go out to eat downtown & shop at Crate & Barrel OR stay in and cook dinner and watch TIVO, OR head for the new coffee house on historic Main Street??) we look forward to enjoying time together over the next few days.

We hope life is full & happy for all of you, too.


Gretchen & Leon


KatHarrmann said...

You guys rock! It's so sweet that you were thinking of Gabriel today in honor of his baptism day! I'll make sure to let him know when I get home from work tonight! He'll be sleeping, but I'll still tell him! :-) We miss you guys! Cute photo of you and Gabe!!!!

The Kings said...

okay, first i stumble upon nate's blog, which led me to yours!! love your site!! you two look great, we miss you lots and can't wait to get back to see you!! the kings

NBHPhoto said...

Lets get going with some new posts already!