Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Greetings, Neighbors.

Dear Friends -

Welcome to our brand new blog spot! We have been so blessed to know so many people all across the country (and beyond) and are finally getting on board with this new tool for communicating with all of you! (Gee, it only took me a few years and I am supposed to be the "Communications Grrl").

Leon and I feel very blessed to be living and serving here in Saint Charles, Missouri. We are still parents only to Bailey Emerson, our soon-to-be-six year-old Golden Retriever. As we publish this - he is curled up on a large pillow in the living room. Doing what he does best - relaxing. Ah the lessons we could learn ...

It strikes us that, more often than not, folks probably say less rather than more even when they use more words on a blog (how's that for convoluted?) so we will attempt to say more using less ~

We hope you join in the conversation ~ it's always a joy to hear from friends near & far.

Peace & Love ~ Gretchen & Leon

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