Monday, March 20, 2006

A Hard Day's Work

Well - here goes my ability to make all of you out there feel sorry for my hectic, stressful work life. This is me - on location in Orlando and, believe it or not, I am actually working.

That's right. Riding a Caro-Seuss-el and working.

Being in Orlando to complete the pre Gathering DVD shoot has its rewards, I suppose. One of which was herding my DVD talent - a crew of very high energy LCMS teens and young adults - to Islands of Adventure at the end of the week's work to celebrate and say "thanks" to this core of kids who shot this sucker not just ONCE, but twice.

Our first take was in New Orleans this past summer ...

Probably one of THE best parts of my work with the YMO is the chance to be with such outstanding youth from so many different backgrounds. What a terrific future we have - what an awesome present we have - it's a good thing.

I hope you all are enjoying this Snowy Day of Spring out there across the Mid West and beyond!


Gretchen (& Leon, too!)


KatHarrmann said...

You stink!!! I can't believe you get to have so much fun as part of your JOB! :)
The big excitement in my office today was that I got a new desk next to a window ... hmmmm.... doesn't quite measure up to Orlando does it???
Love you!!

CStaude said...

Ok... you seem to be riding a banana with rings of decorative frosting on it.... at least from here that's what it looks like! Must be some STRANGE sights to see in Orlando!