Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sautrday Afternoons and Whatnot ...

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon spent relaxing. Up to nothing in particular, Leon and I are camped out in the living room (yes, enjoying the new carpeting!) And while he works on his Powerhouse message for tomorrow night, I am sipping my favorite new coffee and paging through the newest edition of REAL SIMPLE (I love that magazine!) Bailey is napping - having recently celebrated his 6th birthday; he is fully embracing life as a middle-aged golden retriever.

It's a terribly chilly day for spring in Missouri - the heater is chugging away! After spending three days again this week in Florida, we are ready for warmer temperatures.

Leon's team had its first tennis match this week - with some wins and some defeats - generally a good experience. And the spring play continues to roll along with tremendous success. The script is rich with meaning (we are doing You Can't Take It With You - and if you haven't read it, you must!) and the students are digging into the layers and creating meaning for the message of the show in their own context. We have had some powerful interpretative moments already! Join us the first week of May to see a great show!

I am headed for the costumer's to dig through their 1930s collection - and then, wonder of wonders - Leon and I may head for the movie theater ... a deep review of "Failure to Launch" is forthcoming ~ or maybe we will just stay in and enjoy ultimate nacho night (should I share our recipe?) and catch up on Tivo. Ah, what a day.

All in all - life is strong. We hope it is for you wherever you are this Saturday as well.

Gret & Leon


leonjameson said...

gretchen is cute.

KatHarrmann said...

Cool! Let me know how the movie is, if you go see it! Maybe we can try to make it to your play!

CStaude said...

What day is "SAUTRDAY" - is it a day you squeeze in between Saturday and Sunday??? :-)

Ang said...

Wow...I randomly stumbled upon this. Good find! I'm fresh off a plane from Italy, exhausted but not able to find much to complain about! :o) Hope all's well on your side of things!