Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Go On - Tell Me What You Really Think!

Today was productive; but ended on an annoying note as responses to a national survey we built started pouring into the office via email. Once again, I was reminded that - even though there is quite a line between critique and insult - many seem oblivious of the difference.

Why is it that, even when someone tells you that of which you are already aware (in the negative sense) it sounds so loud?

Developing opinions is part of life; and learning how best to express them is part of maturing. I think that finally, now in my "thirties", I am ever more comfortable expressing my own interpretation of things without angst. I think that in your twenties (at least from my perspective) - you're so focused on getting your thoughts out there onto the world tape that you speak as loudly and passionately as possible. Once you realize that, for the most part others are fairly open to listening (and that you perhaps don't have as much original content as you hoped) it's easier to relax and just be ... share ... communicate and reflect without such overwhelming intensity.

You save the intensity for those issues that really, truly, deeply move you.

You don't pour them out on random surveys asking benign questions about simple Web sites.

So that was the frustrating end to what was otherwise a famously productive day. People proved to be ... people.

And how do I answer this obnoxious demonstration of human nature - I am renewing myself this evening with a great glass of Merlot, a tivo-ed Frasier, take-out Chinese, and the opportunity to spew my feelings via a worldwide channel! What a world.

Onward & Upward ...


KatHarrmann said...

I'm sorry! Sounds like you had a bummer of a day! But Chinese sounds good ... can I come over??? :)

alaina said...

Some people were never taught how to be polite! Filthy scum.

shannahageman said...

I took the survey and you all got kudos from me! But, yes, we humans love to complain, don't we? Take heart, your work is invaluable, and it can only get better!

T.Leaf said...

Ugghh, are you kidding? People feel so secure when they get to speak anonymously. I think they forget that REAL, LIVE people are reading their nasty comments.

As far as your thoughts on 20-year-olds go...welcome to my theology classes! It's encouraging to hear that (some) people grow out of the "Louder ideas are better ideas" mindset.

BUT on a more exciting note...

Gretchen, THREE posts in ONE week??? You've just earned a link on my blog! :-)

Uth Ministry Girl said...

It's even creepier when you realize that these surveys AREN'T anonymous.


I am on Todd's blog - wow. Yeah.

CStaude said...

I am nodding my head and agreeing with you on this one kiddo! I am also in a semi-state of shock to see you on your blog 3x's in a week! Holy boats! The world could end any day now! :-)