Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter! In the FRONT ROW

Today is Easter.

Our first official holiday as parents; which is of tremendous significance.
I think. My mind is fuzzy.

Wow. We are totally exhausted and Syd wasn't even up before the sun searching for an Easter basket. We were though, whew.

(Not searching for an Easter basket … up before the sun … see, we ARE tired!)

Leon gave his traditional Easter "Kid Talk" (he calls today the "Super Bowl of Kid Talks"); Sydney and I made it to 8 o'clock church in the snow (yes, it was snowing!), decked out in our spit-free, new duds (Mommy only had to dress and redress Syd twice. Thankfully, Sydney found this process hilarious and giggled the entire time as Mommy attempted to pull her little head through the voluminous layers of her too cool dress ... this was appreciated since typically she yells as if being divested of her skin, not her clothes.).

At worship, we sat quietly in the FRONT row (that's right, Daddy saved seats in the FRONT ROW ... nice, with the entire choir staring at us!) and appreciated the "big" music (orchestra, choir ... big tympani is always fun with an 11-week old!).

For dinner, we ate lamb (yum-o for an Emeril recipe) and delicious carrot cake (Mommy and Papa Staude were back in solid form after the last two holidays, when Mommy was on bed rest) and crashed out with Gammy and Papa and watched the Swiss Family Robinson (which Gret had never seen; and halfway through, sleep-deprived Gret says, "Why do they keep referencing the Alps and such ..." ... "Uh. Cause they're SWISS." ... "OHHH, SWISS!" says Gret) ...

It's been a good day. What's on the Hallmark channel tonight? We're planning to head for the hay when Syd does.


And next year we have to hide eggs. And find them. And prepare a basket. And hide THAT.

Truthfully, I can't wait!

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Katrina said...

Awwww...what a cute baby! I love her little headband! Very sweet!

Brian & Erin said...

Front row??? Yeah... that wouldn't fly in my world. Go you! :)