Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Boy Blue and the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon ...

Life has thrown quite a few curve-balls lately. Long story short ~ I was provided with a super opportunity professionally, turned it down ... Leon and I initially felt "okay" with that decision, but within a few days I was extended a second shot at that same opportunity. ... And we took it.

We being the family: Leon, Sydney and me (and Bailey, too, I suppose).

Effective May 2, I will bring to a close six wonderful six years with LCMS Youth Ministry, and will begin a new chapter as the Public Relations and Corporate Communications director for Concordia Publishing. I'm not entirely ready to put how I "feel" about leaving LCMS into words ... and the excitement of the CPH position is still too new as well ... but needless to say, this decision has weighed on our minds.

And we just want to be new parents! That "weighs" enough.

Today, I came home with these and other heavy thoughts on my mind. So many details and projects to wrap up ... so many emails to draft and send ... and the pressure is on to define our child care needs and figure out how in the world we can ever feel "okay" about leaving Syd ...

It was oppressive and exciting and worrisome and anticipatory ... (my graduate advisor tells me that these conflicting emotions are perfect and will prevent me from acting out of hubris as I begin my new role professionally, and more significantly as a Mommy ... OK ... I can buy that!)

Still, I wanted to release the pressure of these weighty considerations. What to do?!
Instead of wallowing in the mire of these mental bogs, I decided to simply BE with Sydney.

So, we smiled. And worked on our cooing.

And blew some spit bubbles and stuck out our tongues.

We laid on our tummys and worked out by lifting our heads and shoulders.

We muted CNN ("Be silent, Lou Dobbs!") and sang Nursery Rhymes and some simple songs (big smiles for Hickory Dickory Dock, Pat-a-Cake, and Twinkle, Twinkle).
And suddenly, this big, intense day and these big insane decisions and these faux-Pentagon-eqsue stressors were reduced to their proper weight ... in light of the power of simple repetition, silly inflections and goofy mannerisms (yes, I act out the ryhmes and songs as we play ... so picture that for just a moment ...) and all was right with the world.

At least for tonight.


Katrina said...

Sounds like you guys are doing GREAT with the new job transition! I can't believe how DIFFERENT Sydney looks! So much older!! And just adorable! I showed Nate the photo on your blog and he smiled and said "Awww...she's gonna be a cutie!!" Yep! For sure! Do you remember that fairy tale book we had when we were kids, with Snow White and Rose Red? That will be our daughters! They'll have the boys wrapped around their little fingers!

Katrina said...

PS: Is she still in 0-3 month clothes? I have a bag full of cute 3-6 month stuff, so whenever you think she needs them, let me know and I'll mail them to you! Love ya!

Jamie said...

She's adorable! Congrats on the new job adventure!