Saturday, August 30, 2008

my brother-in-law might not like this decision

So, a few posts back I shared that my birthday present was a brand new Cusinart blender/food processor. And yes, I suppose it “says” something about Leon and me that I was so totally jazzed to receive this most excellent culinary gift!

But there was more to my present and it arrived yesterday – my brand new, Brett Favre Jets jersey.

That’s right. I wanted one, and despite my husband’s mockery of mommy’s silly interest in this item, my darling daughter got herself online and ordered one for me!

I’m not a Green Bay fan, even though I lived in the great state of Wisconsin for four years in my early teaching career. And I’ve not been particularly interested in Brett, until recently that is.

When Brett decided he had changed his mind, and wanted to return to the career and game he loved – I decided I liked this guy. People make mistakes and people change their mind – and I rather admire someone who is willing to admit that and - quite realistically – take a risk of having a terrible season and being totally blasted by the sports media.

In some ways, I suppose he has the proverbial “nothing” to lose, and in other ways, he stands to lose a great deal. Interesting.

So, this season, with the exception of the one game where the Jets will play Denver and I am required in the interest of keeping peace in the home to wear my pink (that’s right, pink!) Champ Bailey jersey, I am rooting for Brett Favre. Not necessarily the Jets ;-)

Silly? Maybe. Probably.

But I am sorta excited to see how the story plays out. And I really like this jersey – it matches my hair color and eyes …


Katrina said...

Is that a jets jersey? Cause it looks like a packer jersey? I'm so confused, I just don't know who to root for!! Hee hee! Love it! I'll have to tell Nate to look at this post! Miss you!!

+gmjameson said...

Miss you! The cell number we have for you keeps connecting us to a new voice mail setup (the new 269 number). I miss you and wish we could talk! Please call soon!