Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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You have to read the previous post and the comments from women so dear to totally appreciate this post ;) So please, dear reader, take a moment to do so ...

What awesome, amazing women God has put into my life. Wow. I am so humbled by your thoughts and moved by your encouragement ... In truth, we need to share, and be honest, and speak our words of doubt AND share our words of affirmation to one another.

There is a scene in Desperate Housewives, and while, OKAY, I am NOT addicted to Sydney's A.D.D. medication, this scene with career Mom Lynette sharing her struggles has always stuck with me ...

"we need to tell each other this (meaning our struggles) stuff" ... And indeed, we do.

Take a look:

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bluedog said...

Thank you, again, for reminding us that you, and the rest of us, are only human. I can talk a blue streak, but to be totally honest with my friends about my inner struggles is a tough one and something that I often avoid like the plague. Often when we need our friends, and God, the most, is when we run from them fastest. Thanks for sharing.

Peace be with you.